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The Tent Project .....

The most ambitious project
that the Gang has taken on
in the last few years ...


Every year since we moved our performance
venue to Fareham’s Ferneham Hall in 2006
we have been presented with an annual
challenge of particular notoriety.
The provision of extra dressing room space.
Were it not for the full co-operation of the
Ferneham Management and Staff in this
regard, it would be impossible for us to
perform there, seeing that we have a cast of
over 100 young people. In 2006 the move to
Ferneham would have never been considered
if it were not for a substantial sponsorship,
financing the provision of portacabins in the
outer back dock of the theatre.

Every year since, the continued provision of that resource has been a financial and logistical nightmare. So in 2013, in a drive to cut costs and reduce the logistical problems of installation, we chose to experiment with the hiring of a marquee. After all, Scouts and Guides are no strangers to tented accommodation. Not only did it prove financially worthwhile, but with some reservations it actually proved very successful and the marquee was accepted as the preferred option from now on.

So in 2014 we budgeted to hire a marquee once more, but what emerged was another more lasting and economically more prudent solution – purchase one – or in fact purchase three units - joined to make one large venue 56 square metres!

Click here to see the plans that were used to create that venue !

Initially it sounded fanciful, but the figures spoke for themselves. In the previous 7 years we had hired dressing room space at a total cost over £13,500 pounds. The purchase of 3 high quality, durable marquees, complete with flooring and heating, came in at just a little over £4500. A great deal of effort was put in to achieve the bespoke solution, but at the 2014 performance season it .........

proved to be not only worth every penny - but provided the very successful facility - the best ever and was enjoyed again this year.

The ‘bespoke’ purchased solution now offers all these benefits:

Gang Show took a risk in making a capital purchase of this magnitude, we received great support and financial backing in the first phase so we were able to purchase immediately and in effect start saving money immediately. However to ensure that we survive financially, in order to reap the benefits of all this endeavour .........

the Target is a further £2000 by September 2015.

This is of course over and above the ongoing fund-raising that happens each year to support the annual revenue of the show. All help will be acknowledged by names and logos being displayed on a special panel of the marquee, on the projects web page, and within show programmes, as well as a very unique line of named ‘tent bags’, acknowledging the essential contribution of the individuals membership and supporters.

Now more than anything we need to have THE GANG and it's supporters continue to support this project, not only to reach the target - but perhaps ............

exceed it?

Then we can then consider purchasing the final piece of the jig saw and cover all the walk ways - ready for the 2016 season.

If you can think of a idea that will help raise the money needed to complete this project please contact us through the web-page.

Ideas such as the £1 for a Onesie event at the show tea-times this year which raised a super £75 and the gangs generosity after the "Where's our Pizza" unplanned incident on Gala night, which raised ??? - (waiting for confirmation)

The "buy a tent bag" figure will be also published here soon - together with a list of all those who have their names in the string of memories...

If any members have other pictures of the tent, either in use or being assembled please pass them on to Bill so they can appear here.

Hey Gang we might not be the only ones with accommodation issues !!!!

Are these the dressing rooms at The Paris Opera House ?

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