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An appeal for practical help

It has long been recognised that patrons and advertisers are in the main those who cannot help the Gang in any practical way but still wish to support the show. We are however taking this opportunity to broadcast a recent appeal asking your help to spread the word further if you are unable to help directly.

There have been times when we have heard such comments as -

All understandable, as from the outside it may well appear that everything is running smoothly.
We at least try and give that impression!

It is however not all as it may seem, from time to time there is a need to recruit new blood, to strengthen our existing teams and give renewed support to the band of stalwarts. If we do not do this we will be in danger of overworking our present support which can only in turn lead to a drop in standards and the loss of enthusiasm.
If we are to continue into the 4th decade we must secure new help. We are in particular need of help in the following areas. Neither team require any specialist knowledge.


The Stage Crew/Workshop Team

...... only DIY skills and an ability to lift needed. Carpenters, Mechanical or Electrical engineers, Weightlifters or Artists, need not be shy we can use all those skills.


The Dressing and Make-up Team

...... requires only the skills of an average parent - clearing up after the kids! Making sure they know where their clothes are, and what they have to wear next! We can train you in stage make-up if interested.

If you want to know more please CONTACT US and/or pass this appeal on.

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