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Welcome to Gosport Gang Show - we ARE re-booting !

We cannot of course expect to come back all guns blazing, for a start we have no Ferneham Hall, so things will be different - but as this Gang has proved on many occasions over the years - doing something different - well - we are good at it !








First we must re-boot the spirit and the determination that is the hallmark of Gang Show - we have a few challenges ahead and already the team is on it. FINDING AND BOOKING a venue, sorting (almost rebuilding) the Workshop, streamlining the Costume store, Planning show content, Updating communications, and most of importantly securing funding - the posh way of saying - RAISING MONEY !

SO LOOK OUT FOR PEOPLE SELLING THESE : The first phase of the RE-BOOT Appeal


Yes we are holding a Christmas Draw - great prizes - our target profit - a miniumum £550 - maximum - no limit.

Please help by getting in contact using the contact page to indicate that you wish to buy tickets, or willing to sell some on our behalf.

ALL with ONE END IN MIND - to enable the assembly and rehearsal of a cast

and present "Gang Show Re-booted" on the week of April 11th 2022

at the theatre where it all started way way back in 1978 -The Thorngate Theatre in Gosport.

The Scrap book will be updated shortly with a selection from previous shows - get ready to reminisce !

We are constantly updating and hopefully improving this site if things don't work with us !
and drop us a note, via the contact page if you experience any problems or note an error - Cheers !


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